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Computer Visionaries 2014

Computer Visionaries 2014

Startup Revolution | The Story of Dallas

Startup Revolution | The Story of Dallas Computer Visionaries via @startuprev @sphoward

Developers: You will be able to learn fr

Developers: You will be able to learn from and code with the team that built the K4W platform! Come to Dallas:

The #Dallas Kinect Hack-a-thon: 3 Days a

The #Dallas Kinect Hack-a-thon: 3 Days after a soft launch and already 10% of the tickets sold. #CV2014 –

This is real – Gasoline produced from ai

This is real – Gasoline produced from air and is carbon neutral. – #FutureTech

World’s fastest Wi-Fi being developed i

World’s fastest Wi-Fi being developed in Israel –

The New Kinect SDK is out #background-re

The New Kinect SDK is out #background-removalAPI #KinectFusion #HTML5, and more. (Via @spaceeco) –

Google ends Chromecast-Netflix promotion

Google ends Chromecast-Netflix promotion ‘due to overwhelming demand’

The Xbox One’s monitoring feature might

The Xbox One’s monitoring feature might track how often you sit through commercials (and offer rewards for it) –

Freaky Light-Controlled Gels Could Be th

Freaky Light-Controlled Gels Could Be the Real Future of Robotics RT @voistmag:


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