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New Business Idea – Internet TV software Biz.

December 1, 2010

Business IDEA! Here is a free start-up business idea.

the pledge: So it is an eventuality that internet will be on all TVs. Well, to most people that means being able to surf or watch YouTube on the TV. The real gold mine to internet TV is going to be the rich TV experience that a viewer gets. TV shows (and commercials) will be ‘enhanced’ with internet content and interactivity. For example: Think about being able to buy a product you see on a commercial by clicking the ‘buy’ button on your remote Or pausing your soap opera to read the history of that character on Wikipedia not by opening a browser and searching for that information, but by clicking the character with your Wii-like remote control pointer.

The deal is that eventually TV shows will have a programming layer that sits on top the actual TV show or movie. It will become interactive. the internet will eventually be 100% integrated into the TV content in addition to being a add on feature. It’s not an IF, it’s a WHEN.

the turn: The home shopping network is basically a channel that shows commercials all day long and it is pretty successful. Why not Sell the home shopping network a software overlay designed to sell the viewer additional deals related to what they see on TV,  – BUT – additional deals that fit their demographic information. It’s pretty easy to find with Facebook connect.  Think amazon’s “people that bought that AK-47 also bought this ammo” meets ” crazy rednecks like you (people in your demographic) also enjoy cow tipping “. It would be a sort of  ‘side deals’ to the main product they are selling.

If that works, you can scale into product placements in TV shows where it makes sense, like talk shows or news shows. I would suggest making an advertising platform for commercials but that is going to be so simple to make, the content providers will most likely do it. – I don’t know- maybe that’s the exit if you go that route.

the prestige: Who knows who is going to develop this stuff. It will happen and right now we are at least 5-10 years ahead mass adoption curve.



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One Comment
  1. angie permalink

    Your are so smart it! I love it and am just a little concerned about how easy it would be to shop. I would be broke!

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