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Exposed? Twitter get rich quick schemes.

December 7, 2010

So I’m not sure if I should start with a warning or an insult. I ‘think’ i discovered how those twitter money-making schemes work. (I think it is the same process for all social media)

Warning: First of all DO NOT ever buy into a get-rich-quick scheme.
 Insult: If you buy into a get-rich-quick scheme, you are an idiot. Seriously. Only the people that dream up these schemes are rich.

So here is what I think is happening:

  1. First you can sign you up for a few affiliate marketing accounts. Most of these people use Amazon. NOTE: affiliate marketing is basically when the seller of a product gives you a cut of the profit in exchange for referring business to them.
  2. After you sign up for your affiliate marketing account, you have access to all the products that business is trying to sell. Some of the businesses use RSS feeds to update their affiliates with new product offerings. Amazon does this well.
  3. In twitter (and most other social media platforms), you can actually use some free tools to link an RSS feed to a twitter account.
  4. BAM! – your twitter account is automatically sending out product updates with links back to your affiliate marketing account. (where you share the profit.)


So, there is nothing wrong with this process legally, but  you should know that you are spamming people. Everything I mentioned above is 100% free to do and is freely available.  This part where I think the rip off comes in:

  1. These twitter get-rich quick companies probably charge you to join their ‘system’.
  2. Instead of putting the affiliate marketing accounts directly in your name, they probably put the accounts in their name and then give you even less of a cut. They can’t cut you out of the process because you are marketing the account after all. Your friends will see and hopefully buy whats in the links. Also, if they are multi-level company, the percentage that they keep probably funds the downstream. 
  3. They probably justify their ‘cut’ and upfront fee by ‘helping’ you build a base of followers in addition to your friends and family. How do they do that? They use some mass following tools and/or push out quotes to your twitter stream. The followers, in theory, are supposed to help you gain more sales. More eyeballs, more sales, right? Wrong. most of the followers from mass follower tools are crap. At this point you are basically a spammer sending unsolicited tweets to people who don’t want to hear from you. The quotes are used to help your twitter stream ‘appear’ active and ‘trick’ people into following back. You look a non-spammer.


Bottom Line: If you want to make money on the net, there is nothing wrong with embedding ads or using affiliate marketing links. – just don’t be a jerk and spam the world and don’t be stupid by paying a get-rich-quick company for your work and social influence.


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