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BUSINESS IDEA: Interactive Restaurants

February 17, 2011

In reading this post today : iPads replacing restaurant menus, staff: – I realized that there is so much more that can happen in this space. What about instead of providing an iPad, let people download an app that allows them to use their own tablets or smart phones? If you do that, there is so much more that can happen. Imagine no lines, no menus, no cashiers and no waiters. This would probably work for two types of venues the best. 1. Fast casual and 2. Fast food.

Fast Cas: Visitors would download the app and based on GPS (ideally) be able to serve out the menu of the location allow for ordering with customization and payment all on their phone. You can really go as far as you want – including a ‘refill my glass’ button so that you can get refills. Scheduling tables or virtually claiming tables could also be done  in real time too.

Fast Food: Before reaching the drive through – place an order when five minutes away and then pull in and pick it up immediately because payment is already made. You can even create a voice option to mimic the drive through speaker system if you want to for hands free driving and ordering.

The company:
Build an app company that makes this app freely available to restaurants that will showcase their menu to nearby foodies using the app. Integrating to sales would be a charge and direct GPS based marketing would be a charge. Analytics would be free. I am pretty sure there are parts to this available already out there. But by offering the technology to the restaurant world, freely, you can be a dominant player.

Just a thought.


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