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See what’s coming and make a business. Why not dead iPhones?

March 24, 2011


This post is more of a business idea seed vs. a real business idea.  In other words, it is by no means fully flushed out and should inspire someone out there to come up with something new.

It’s Obvious Day at Camp Stupid:  So it seems that no one is really paying attention to what happens to your old smart phone. There are a few ideas floating out there, but no real business has emerged. I know the bigger and better devices are always coming out and you will upgrade, but the generational advancements (at least for now) and not that mind blowing. In my mind, there isn’t that much difference between an iPhone3 and iPhone 4 in regards to capability. Even after you turn off mobile service for your iPhone3 or Android 2.1 device, it is still a great little miniature computer that is pretty stinking powerful. In the very near future, there are about to be millions and millions of these devices that are out there, but they won’t be used as the primary device.  

Who ever comes up with a business that uses retired iphones/android devices, will do well. (and I’m not talking about reselling or recycling). I mean something that would build actual value for users giving them an alternative use that is valuable. Something that shouldn’t compete with the primary device’s role. I don’t know if the answer is turning them into smart TV remotes, or baby monitors or something, but some people are going to make a valuable market for these things. There will probably be completing ideas for secondary uses which may create an industry in and of itself.

I’m sure someone is working on it now. I am a big believer that startups make the future. So to see the future, look at what is happening on the nano level today and assign it a probability of taking off. But that is another blog post.

Good luck.


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